October 2018

Iron, Cauldrons and The Nordic Connection

It’s such a common image in our society, the ‘witch’ at her cauldron, brewing up some noxious potion; inescapable at Halloween. I have started watching a documentary series called “Noxious Weeds” that explores the legends, facts and possibilities of various traditional medicines. Cultural stereotypes are created from grains of truth, snippets of logic, mixed with… Read more Iron, Cauldrons and The Nordic Connection

Mast Cell Beads

With the buzz created about a new International Mast Cell Disorders organization, and a launch of the first Mast Cell Disorders awareness day last weekend, I thought I’d bring my own particular flavour to it. I’m currently into beading and jewelry, and it was fun to find beads that might work, and to make several others.… Read more Mast Cell Beads

No Root Canals for Me!

There’s something about root canals… Why is it that people with MCAS seem to have such problems with dentistry (more info on that here) and root canals in particular? I know so many Mastie’s who have had infections, facial nerve damage (like my Mom had), and MCAS flares set off by a root canal. It… Read more No Root Canals for Me!