Diving Back In

So. It’s been way too long since I’ve done any writing. Recently though, I’ve caught myself making all sorts of “Karen” comments on YouTube; clearly the words are starting to flow again. One of the challenges is that I have SOOO many things to say, I fear that cracking the door will result in a jumbled tsunami or words and ideas. Where to start? I don’t know, so I think I just have to stop fussing about putting my thoughts out in a perfectly coherent, delineated package. I’m just gonna write about what is on my mind that day. I’m going to do my best to do shorter, frequent posts. I’m going to just yack away, and not tackle the big, formal, has to be completed thoughts and edited very carefully stuff.

Some of the things on my mind- a viral theory of MCAS, and how that connects into my Nordic Theory. Covid, post-covid, long haul covid, and the connection to MCAS. I’ve got some newly decorated masks to share (and some Karen comments for those who complain about them. Masks suck. Get over it.). Politics in the last two years are mind blowing- but everything I’ve thought has been said by hundreds, but I might spout off about that if the urge hits. I’ve got lots to catch up on about my experiences with doctors in BC (most are fantastic, but there are a few eye blinking horrible standouts). I’ve got some thoughts on MCAS and pregnancy, MCAS and nutrition, MCAS and the brain.

I’d like to share a bit about my medical journey, I’m facing some major challenges. First, my teeth are literally falling out of my mouth- I had one removed a year ago, and I reacted to the bone graft material. It was not good. Nope, dont want to repeat that one. I don’t have a single tooth that has less than one filling, most have several cavities, and over half of the teeth I have left are dead. Fixing them is going to require major surgery, but something has to be done. Not only do they look horrible, I have had a couple of infected abscesses, it’s not a good scene). I also have a brain tumor, it’s stable, and on the outer layers, but I am certain is causing symptoms when I have reactions. It is affecting my vision, and I can’t drive because even if I leave the house not reacting, if I have a reaction I will have to pull over and wait until I get ahead of it to drive again. It’s giving me headaches, and definitely needs to be sorted out. I’ve been having port issues, and now that they appear to be resolving, hopefully I can get back on my regular meds, which should make all the difference in the world.

I also am planning to have a little fun with some of my own Karen rants, starting with ranting about Karen Rants… maybe toss in some raves as well. I’m aiming a little closer to Mike Mercer rants over crazy New York Karen (OMG, seriously, leave the skateboarder alone, FFS). I don’t pretend to be as eloquent as Mike Mercer, but I like to think that my politics are a bit out of the norm for “Karens”.

I have been keeping myself a bit occupied the last couple of years, beyond just watching YouTube (did you know that there are earthen pyramids in the US? That the Titanic sank partially because of a fire? So many interesting things to learn out there). I’ve learned how to make all kinds of bead jewelry, creating really cute miniature beaded flowers (including some Pandemic Posies- which can be sanitized, so they can be given to those in hospital- everybody misses flowers!). I have also been playing with UV resin to make jewelry and other pretty baubles. Tomorrow, October 20th is MCAS awareness day, so I plan to share some pictures of my MCAS inspired jewelry.

(And oh boy, I’ve been watching too much YouTube. I just about signed off with “Let me know what topics you’d like to hear about in the comments below. Please hit that like and subscribe if you enjoyed it!”. Yeah. Definitely time for a change….)



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