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    Welcome to The Walking Allergy!

    These forums are a space where everyone should feel comfortable asking questions and sharing their knowledge with one another.  Please keep the following in mind when posting:

    • Be aware of your tone and focus. Positive and productive discussions are great, so please keep comments on the topics at hand and not on other members of the community.
    • Promote a respectful and friendly atmosphere. Every person has the right to ask and answer any questions, as well as participate in discussions.  We won’t tolerate discriminatory remarks of any kind (including those that are sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive; or discuss illegal activity).  It also includes bickering, name calling, and purposely antagonizing others. In other words, Play nice!
    • Think before you post – this is a public forum. Forum topics will only be deleted at the discretion of our Moderators if they represent a valid security or personal safety concern.
    • Avoid asking off-topic questions in existing threads. Everyone wants their question answered. The community can better answer your question if you start your own thread.
    • Don’t spam the forums.  This includes things like posting content or links to pornographic, obscene or explicit content, or using the forums or comments section to advertise/promote products and services.  Any posts like these will be deleted.  Personal product reviews and discussions are welcome though.
    • Posting links to articles from other sites is great. However, please do not copy and paste the full content of those articles directly into a post since this most likely violates copyright and consent laws.  If you do copy and paste a portion of an article, please reference the original author/article/website where possible.

    In short:  be polite, treat each other with respect, stay on-topic, don’t spam and give credit where credit is due.  :)

    Violating these Community Standards may result in your ability to post in the forums being temporarily or permanently suspended.

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