Legal Stuff

Don’t take my word for it.

I am not a medical doctor. Before changing anything with your health, talk to your doctor. You’re the captain of the ship, but you need a doc as your first mate- they are the only ones with  the navigational knowledge you’ll need. Especially if you have MCAS or any other multisystem disorder- what works for one might be deadly to another.

That said, the whole point of this site is at I’m NOT a doctor. I have an illness that leaves a lot of time for living in your head. Stuff goes on in there, and sometimes I have an interesting idea. I have an illness that is likely not rare, but exceedingly rarely diagnosed. Most of the information here is based on my experiences, watching others around me, and connecting things that aren’t usually seen as related.

I couldn’t share this information if I were physician. Most of it isn’t backed by research, and some of it is seriously weird. Undoubtedly, many of my ideas will prove to be wrong. Welcome to the other side of the mirror. If ever there was an illness that requires the patient to figure a huge chunk of it out, it’s MCAD. If you put 20 people in a room with MCAD you would not find a single treatment that they can all tolerate and has positive effects. We have to muddle out what is going to work for us. There is no ‘standard treatment’. I can only say what my experience is. Nothing more. I firmly believe that we know our bodies best. Physicians are our guides in interpreting those messages, figuring out what are bodies are up to, and how to attempt to regain balance. You, as the reader, have a responsibility to judge what could be useful for you. Before you make a single change, run it past your physician. I have seen how incredibly ill people can become by giving somethings ‘try’ without realizing that it could be the worst idea ever. (Use of essential oils by well-meaning but poorly trained vitamin shop clerks being a notorious example).

Once you have all the information, including your doctor’s opinion, it is ultimately up to you to decide what to do next. I hope it goes well.

It’s mine. Ask before you borrow it. 

The information of this site, including all media and comments are my intellectual property.  I’m happy to share information, but don’t steal my ideas. Any media should be used only with my permission, and correctly attributed to Karen Neill, I reserve all rights of copy-write and intellectual property.

Code of Conduct

Be nice. This is my sandbox. I encourage lively debate. That said, anybody who throws sand, name calls or knocks over the castle will be sent home.