A Banner Week

It was too good to last, of course, but that only highlights how wonderful it was. There was no huge event, or exciting surprises. It was normal. And what a luxury 'normal' is.

And it would appear that a poorly timed crash has turfed this post. The same crash posted some articles that weren't quite done yet- but the occasional cofeve happens sometimes. I'l try to catch you all up.

After my iron infusion 10 days ago, and a couple of days of rest, I felt relatively reasonable. (Similar to the last time- my reactions turned off. (It was pretty wild…. )One day was was my daughter's 8th birthday, so we had cake and a few friends over. (Her party was at the end of the school year). I sat outside on the deck one day, read some National Geographic magazines with her. I tried to teach her to knit, but she really isn't quite 'there' yet- primarily because of her vision. (It's hard enough to figure out which strand if yarn is which if you have double vision and very little depth perception… We settled on using the peg loom- It's much more manageable.) My son and I talked politics and video games. (I think I've learned more about systems of governance this year than the preceding 40 years.) Hubby and I celebrated our Anniversary with drinks on the deck with the neighbours. None of these things are the things that get chronicled in diaries. This is the normal stuff…having towel fights when doing the dishes, a pillow raid in the middle of the night. The simple normal stuff become highlights of my week. And how was it that I was feeling so much better? The weather is one. There's some connection to iron stabilizing mast cells, so I will have to do more research there. It could have been something I haven't identified yet.

We all know that Canadians have a 'thing' about the weather. Perhaps it's because we have such extremes; the weather can impact everything. For me, it has added challenges. I can't tolerate being too hot or two cold. If there's pollen in the air and it hasn't rained for a while, it gets worse. I can feel weather fronts coming on. I burn like crazy, and get a rash on my skin wherever UV touches. When it's rainy, my joints hurt more. it's hard to achieve the 'perfect weather' for me, but it was pretty close last week. It rained on the Saturday, so the air was clear and fresh, and it wasn't too hot.

An interesting thing happened at the block party. I went to chat with a couple of local Mom's. We aren't close, but our kids play together (there's a gaggle o f kids between 6 and 8- they roam the neigbourhood, just like I did as a child. (Biggest difference- texts have replaced the cow bell.). Any how. Those two women were chatting, and they opened their circle to have me join
them. They were talking about some new set of spices and quick prep meals. Butter chicken, turkey tacos, salad dressings, etc. I had nothing to say. (And I usually am the one who can't shut up!). They could have been talking about how to accommodate alien guests, it wouldn't have seemed any more odd. Hubby and I used to be 'foodies'. Unfortunately, that has changed. It can be so awkward in those situations… Especially since it was clear that they'd forgotten that I can't really eat. What am I going to say? "Spice packets- good method to kill me.". Right. I do have a few social graces remaining, so I asked them about the dishes that they had prepared. It went in for a while, and neither of them tweaked that maybe that isn't the most sensitive topic to blather in about… I felt like an outsider, a foreigner. Even though we've lived in this house for 9 years, and they moved in 18 months ago. It was so obvious- I am not part of that group. One of them is a specialist physician, she thinks I'm nuts… It's a small town, and I know she knows more about me than she lets on. Oh well!

Initially I got a twang of loneliness- the kind of loneliness that exists when you are surrounded by people, but you are utterly alone. And then I looked around. I heard my Mom's voice "Before you say anything, decide what you want." I want to feel included. "Which people do you want to be included with?" Oh. Right. This isn't junior high. I don't HAVE to stick with the 'Mom's with kids' crowd, the ones who have long debates about their children's fashion, I can It's okay if these people aren't my friends? "Why are you seeking these people's approval and attention? Do they matter to you or your family?" I want to stay on friendly terms with the parents who may have my child coming in and out of their house. "Find a couple of friendlies, talk to those whom you might form a deeper friendship. Stay polite with the rest." Thanks, Mom. Oh, look, there are a few now!

In any case, it was a lovely week. Since May 23, 2015 my longest epi-free stretch as 72 hours. This one was a WEEK!!!! Seven days, no epi!!!! I needed 4 doses of epi on Thursday… but that's beside the point.

Then, the smoke rolled in. It's been very hot and dry and forest fires are raging in much of the BC's interior. The prevailing winds usually blow it towards the East. But then, a typhoon near Japan created a mass of slowly swirling air along the coast. That creates an outflow situation. So now, all that smoke is pouring in, and staying trapped by the weather front offshore. They expect to have increasing temperatures this week, with no rain forecast until 10 days from now. Everything is SO dry, and with the beetle damaged pines, it's going to be relentless until the weather cools off a bit. I wouldn't mind if the prevailing winds took back over, too (sorry to friends in .Edmonton and Calgary… ). The little green dot is where I live- it has been eerily calm and quiet for several days. There isn't a cloud in the sky, but not a hint of blue, either. The trees are barely moving at all, it's so still.

I am sealed up in my room. We've set up the jack and jill bathroom as an airlock. I'm feeling cooped up, but keeping myself amused watching the best reality TV there ever was, maybe ever will be. He hired someone nicknamed 'the mooch', exactly who you want to be running your staff!!! What was it, 10 days he lasted? And I have to check p, but I think someone said that Kelly-Ann Conway is going to take a larger role in communications?? What a mess- but it makes for darn good television. I swear Andersen Cooper's eyes can't get out of their 'surprised' look.

If anybody local needs cool, clean air, let me know. There's a quiet secluded couch in the basement, and me bedroom is tidy enough to have people come an visit. One of the things we did the week the kids were away was to set up a conversation nook- so people can come in here to hang out!!

In the meantime, micromacrame awaits!!

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