Merry Christmas! Top Ten Reasons to Suspect Santa has MCAS:

On Christmas Eve, Hubby was reading ‘A Visit from St Nicolas’ (The Night before Christmas) he got to the line “His cheeks were like roses”, and made a joke about Santa having MCAS. As these things can go with over-tired children and punchy adults, we started to diagnose Santa, with lots of giggles… Didn’t exactly lead to the desired calm, but it was great fun. So, without further ado, with ideas from my Hubby, our kids and my friend Shula, I present:

The Walking Allergy’s Top Ten Reasons To Suspect that Santa has MCAS:

  1. The cheeks. Flushing anyone?
  2. He does much better at  midnight than at noon.
  3. Living at the North Pole has a ton of disadvantages.  Buuuttt, there isn’t any pollen there, and not having to worry about the neighbour’s fabric softener could tip the balance in favour of the North Pole.
  4. He lives on milk and cookies. So do I (And I’m not kidding.).
  5. His ’round belly that wiggles like a bowl full of jelly’… that’s not fat, that’s third spacing!
  6. There’s some debate about Santa’s genetic heritage, but he is definitely from somewhere closer to the Baltic than the Mediterranean. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read my post on the Baltic Connection here.).
  7. Santa is described as being quite round, but ‘nimble’. EDS anyone?
  8. He has to write everything down on his master list, or he can’t remember a thing.
  9. He’s capable of a fair number of ‘impossible’ things. 
  10. You thought that was a beard? Nope. It’s a cleverly disguised filter mask.

The ability to laugh and be silly is critical for me. It is essential nourishment from family and friends. That’s what life is about. Not only am I still alive, I am starting to live. It may be corny, but as we pass the solstice,  I feel like I am coming into the light again. It’s wonderful. I hope that you all find a bit of wonder in your life.

Copywrite December 2017, all rights reserved by Karen Neill and The Walking Allergy. Please share as a link to this original.

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