MCAD/MCAS Progression Survey

Hello fellow Masties!  I could use your help with a question that’s been on my mind.

As you probably know, MCAS often follows a ‘stair’ shaped progression, marked by a sudden increase in severity followed by some partial improvement with changes in your medications and trigger avoidance.  But then you see another sudden increase in your symptoms, followed by some more improvement (and so it goes, over and over…).  Sometimes people develop mast cell disorder symptoms gradually over time, though, while others have one sudden increase and then it “stabilizes” (more like a cliff than a set of stairs).

After speaking to my friends within the community about how and when they got sick(er), I noticed a pattern that I want to explore – what better way than a survey?   This isn’t a scientific study by any stretch but I do hope that we can learn something interesting from it.

In a few weeks I will collect the results to see if they agree with what I’ve heard anecdotally, and I’ll post what learn.

Click here for the survey!  TIA for helping me out!

Click here if you’re having trouble opening the survey link above.


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